Likes: cartoons, creating art, swearing, crystals, candles, and autumn.
Dislikes: soup, food scented candles, paperback books, and warm weather.

hihihi! i'm parker/parkie!! 🌟
18! losing my marbles 🖍
genderfluid 🌸🍥🍭

about me !!
enfp 4w3
☼cancer, ↑sagittarius, ☾leo
i post art on fridays and sundays!

dnfi !!
basic dnfi criteria, anti-mogai, dsmp fans/enjoyers, folks who mis-use tone tags, -16 or 24+

Boundaries !!
my dms are always open if you need someone to talk to! please just Trigger warning any sensitive subjects before you do. Remember, you are valid and you are loved. You got this! 💕

current favs:
Project sekai
chainsaw man
Pui pui molcar
rainbow kitten surprise