likes: benji, cartoons, creating art, crystals, candles, and collecting books.
dislikes: soup, food scented candles, paperback books, and warm weather.

hihihi! i'm parker/parkie!! . • °
19! 06.22.04★
bisexual ฅ↑•ﻌ•↑ฅ

about me !!
☼cancer, ↑sagittarius, ☾leo
i post art randomly!

dnfi !!
basic dnfi criteria, anti-mogai, dsmp fans/enjoyers, folks who mis-use tone tags, -16

Boundaries !!
i am always accepting dms. if you need someone to talk to, i will always be here.♡

current favs:
life is strange
the groupchat
oyasumi punpun
serial experiments lain